Hope and Possibility

Research and Development

Research on Rare diseases can often lead to powerful findings about common health problems. Studying a disease like RSD/CRPS could lead to future insights on other more common pain conditions.

See paper Sci Transl Med-2013-Fishman-201ps11

Researchers at University of Lincoln are testing new combinations of already known toxins that have been helpful in treating other diseases to see if the new combinations can lead to better treatment for Chronic Pain.

What role does genetics play in chronic pain? Researchers at Duke University have found a number of gene variants that might determine whether people suffer from different forms of chronic pain.

Anne Louise Oaklander shares her thoughts and research on Pain Research Forum about understanding the intricacies of those suffering from chronic pain.

Researchers in Italy identify a new therapy for CRPS-1 with 4 IV 100mg treatments of neridronate, still undergoing review in the United States.