Hope and Possibility

Secondary Disorders

Getting a diagnosis of RSD/CRPS can be a relief because there exists a recognized medical condition with a label and a list of possible treatments. For some patients,  RSD/CRPS will go into remission and their health issues are mostly gone. For others who battle RSD/CRPS for many years,  there are secondary medical conditions that begin to arise. It is not uncommon for other pain disorders to be diagnosed, and for other nervous system issues to occur.

It has recently come to question whether CRPS is the source of these concurrent conditions or whether the secondary conditions develop on their own accord.

We encourage people to get direct medical advice on their unique situation from their doctor. Information on this website is meant to address a number of issues that people who live with RSD/CRPS might eventually deal with.

A list of the other secondary issues that have been documented are the following:

Cardiac Adrenal Pain Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Restless Leg Syndrome

Raynauds Disease


Irritable Bowel Disease

Memory loss


Sacral ileum SI joint failure

Degenerative disk disease

Painful hearing (hyperacisus)